Ali Ross, Head of Communications – Europe, Otsuka

“Kathy brings expertise and a professional and collaborative approach to all areas of her work but what sets her apart is her boundless enthusiasm and passion for helping people which has an enormously positive effect on all those that work with her”

Marco Renoldi, Chief Business Officer, Nordic Nanovector

“I have had the privilege to work alongside Kathy at the EMEA hub of a Japan-based global pharmaceutical company in 2013 and 2014.  I was Chief Commercial Officer at the time and Kathy was supporting our Marketing Team on the delivery of multiple projects which were part of the European launch program for an innovative woman’s health product, including – amongst others – the development and roll-out of the training program, the development and roll-out of the brand campaign, the development and roll-out of a non-sales digital communication program targeted to our customers.

I was impressed by Kathy’s ability to deliver high-quality outputs and to work in teams. The two skills actually reinforced other others.

Kathy constantly communicated with her colleagues in other departments and geographies, so that she was able to ensure a consistent implementation of the marketing strategy across the organization.

She smartly analysed market insights and distilled the learnings, so that strategic choices and tactical plans stemmed from customer’s true needs and always aimed at maximising the product’s differentiating elements.

In addition, she was able to clarify what is driven regionally and what is managed locally. At the same time, she was able to understand local market needs and develop a collaborative approach and a close relationship with local marketing teams (she took the time to get to know the country teams, trusted them to be expert on local customers and leveraged this knowledge to make regional plans and campaigns stronger).

She planned the brand campaign ruthlessly, making sure deadlines, responsibilities and deliverables were clear to everyone.  In addition, she tracked, adjusted and reviewed metrics with the team when necessary.

As she is focused on continued quality improvement, she shared insights, facilitated lessons learned sessions and kept an open communication channel with the external world, letting the most innovative ideas from the pharmaceutical market and other industry sectors percolate through the organization.

Lastly, she was very aligned to the company’s philosophy as regards commercial excellence: she always focused on the selected target market segments/customers to design customized value-based messages, she knew competition extremely well, to be able to pre-empt competitors’ messages and differentiate her brand, she believed in the need to develop awareness through early engagement of KOLs and policy stakeholders and, lastly, she was firmly convinced that no marketing strategy or plan can win unless the company’s first priority is to build credibility and trust through a science-based, transparent and respectful approach.

It has been a pleasure working with Kathy.

Lydia Owen, Client Services Director & Senior Producer, OSP Healthcare

“I’ve worked with Kathy on a number of projects over the past eight years and I don’t think I’ve ever met a more focused, energetic and driven marketer. She has a genuine passion and ability for pharmaceutical marketing and this shines through in every element of her work.

Kathy’s enthusiasm — for her role, the projects, the products, the patients and those she works with — is infectious. She has an amazing ability to motivate and get everyone ‘on board’. When you’ve got Kathy at the helm you know that, even when the going gets tough, you’re all going to make it to the end of the journey victorious!

 Melissa Dagless, VP, Marketing

“Kathy was a huge asset to the team.  Her excellent ‘can do attitude’ coupled with senior marketing experience meant that within days she was delivering at a high level as the acting brand lead for our launch asset.  She is also a pleasure to work with – always positive, team-orientated and solution focused. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her.

 Julie Jenkins, Account Director, Ashley Communications

“I have worked with Kathy many times over the last 10 years. As a client Kathy is a delight; she has always had a clear vision of what is required and has clearly communicated her expectations, whilst valuing teamwork and being open to advice. I have never met anyone with as much energy or enthusiasm for the job in hand – it is utterly contagious – and there is always time for a bit of fun along the way!”

Julie-Ann Baker, Senior Creative Copywriter at Created By Me Ltd

“As a member of the creative team, Kathy is exactly the kind of marketer you want to work with. She demands excellence in her creative work, whilst giving you the freedom to create impactful, and effective creative campaigns. Kathy makes sure she gets the best out of her team for her campaign, while still ensuring that everyone in the team feels valued and confident voicing ideas and opinions in an open-minded environment. As well as seeing the big picture, Kathy has a talent for amazing attention to detail. In short, Kathy creates the perfect team environment for producing exceptional creative work.

Kim Hughes, Creative Director, LEC Brand Communications

“In the 10 years I have worked with Kathy Green one thing has run true throughout, her bone deep desire to do the very best for the brands she works on, the people who prescribe them and for the patients who benefit from them. Her passion and drive has made me a better art director and creative director and I have seen it spread to all those who work with her. She inspires the best from people which can only be a good thing for any brand. 

Mirjam Korn, Marketing Manager, Germany

“Working with Kathy is a great experience, as she is always positive and solution oriented thinking.

She loves the challenge and even during phases with a large amount of work, she is calm, structured and maintains the overview – independent of how long it takes. I really appreciate her broad marketing expertise –whatever you are planning, she can possess a treasure trove of experience.

Kathy is a reliable person and does deliver always on time. It’s just great to have her on board.

Dr Michael Mosley, Science Journalist & TV Presenter

“Kathy Green is a terrific person to work with; she is a meticulous planner, offers imaginative solutions to problems, is full of energy and has a great sense of humour. I thoroughly enjoyed the project we did together and would very happily work with her again”

Kurt R. Weiss, MD, Assistant Professor in the University of Pittsburgh Department of Orthopaedic Surgery, Division of Musculoskeletal Oncology.

I first met Kathy Green in 2009. At this time, we were both involved in the launch of Mepact, a first-in-class, novel immune stimulatory agent used to treat and prevent pulmonary metastases from osteosarcoma, the most common primary malignancy of bone.

Kathy was charged with the task of training the Mepact European sales team; no small task when one considers the novelty of the agent. Additionally, oncologists tend to be dogmatic, and convincing them to try an entirely new medication is very daunting indeed. Kathy mobilized and energized her sales team to a degree that I have never before witnessed. I am certain that Kathy could not only sell ice to penguins, she would make the penguins eager to purchase it. I only wish that I could summon Kathy’s charisma when teaching my residents and medical students!

Subsequent to this event, Kathy and I have been involved in several educational efforts in support of Mepact. My wife Laura and I have had the pleasure of getting to know her as an individual as well as a colleague. Kathy is a generous, kind, remarkable, life-giving person and we are proud to know her. She possesses both the expertise and passion to drive any marketing project to success.

In conclusion, the addition of Kathy Green to any marketing effort virtually assures success. She is a skilled businesswoman, a marvelous person, and treasured friend.”

Dr Peter D. Senter, Vice President, Chemistry and Distinguished Fellow, Seattle Genetics

“I had the incredible pleasure of attending and participating in the European Launch meeting for ADCETRIS, which was led by Kathy Green. The meeting involved companies from Europe, the USA and Japan, representatives from ~ 30 countries, highly technical presentations in multiple media formats, and a number of sessions to educate attendees about the drug. It was a complex undertaking with quite a lot at stake. Kathy was able to engage teams in a variety of productive ways, was highly organized and professional, and was very effective at making sure the entire program was valuable to the participants. My colleagues and I felt that Kathy did a superb job.” 

 Steve Williams, OBE, Double Olympic Gold Medallist

“I love working with Kathy for her strong sense of purpose to do good in order to help others; her value of leading and being part of a fun and vibrant team; and, above all, the infectious passion and high energy she has for everything she does.”

 Giles Long, MBE Paralympic Gold Medallist, Inventor of LEXI, TV Presenter, Speaker

“Kathy is one of the most dynamic and enthusiastic people I have ever had the pleasure to work with. Her drive to make things happen is second to none.”

Mike Francis, Chairman and Director– Guy Francis Bone Cancer Research Fund

“I first met Kathy some 4 years ago when, as Chairman of the Bone Cancer Research Trust, I was invited by the National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence (NICE) to act as an Expert Witness (Patient Carer) in their Technical Appraisal Committee’s evaluation of the drug Mifamurtide (MEPACT) manufactured by Kathy’s then employer, Takeda Pharmaceuticals Europe Ltd. In the 3 years that it took to get NICE approval (finally granted in 2011), I worked closely with her and the Takeda team but in an entirely ethical way and without commercial consideration. I was therefore able to gauge her total professionalism and commitment. She was able to articulate not only the brand strategy of Takeda but also the medical benefits of MEPACT in a clear and concise way so that I, as a non-scientific person, could interpret and use her information in my evidence to NICE. In Kathy’s new venture, I see that Strategic Marketing is at the core of her company’s activity. As a sometime Chartered Marketer and a Tutor & Assessor in Strategy and Planning for the Chartered Institute of Marketing, I understand what, and the importance of, ethical marketing and what standards are required to give clients the best outcomes. I have no doubt at all that Kathy can deliver such outcomes and I wish her every success.”


Susan MacDonald, Managing Director, RSA Singapore at RSA Executive Search

“When I first met Kathy I described her as a warm, passionate, engaging and professional lady with high integrity who clearly looked to give the best of herself in whatever she turned her hand to. Fast forward 5 years and I stand by every superlative I used and more. If you are looking for a truly strategic marketer who can work across therapeutic areas, cultures and geographies, influencing both internally and externally whilst never taking her eye off of your key end user, ie your patients, Kathy is the lady you need to speak with. Please feel free to contact me directly if you wish any additional feedback on Kathy.”

Mark Wilson, Marketing Director, Europe, Africa & Middle East, Allergan

“Kathy is a highly driven individual who possesses a rare skill set which is founded from an impressive record of senior level leadership experience in both international operational & strategic management. Kathy’s ability to see the bigger picture, whether it be making an assessment on BD opportunities, spotting potential obstacles/solutions when nurturing a molecule from early stage to commercialization or simply applying the right direction to a complex project will mean that her new company will be in high demand. When this experience is blended with integrity, a passion for success and a genuine desire to make a difference, Kathy becomes an asset to any project.”

Nico Bruyniks, Pharmaceutical Consultant

“Kathy is the type of marketer every pharmaceutical marketer should aspire to be: passionate, creative, hardworking, an excellent team player, driven, goal oriented, but always keeping her eye on the larger picture Most importantly, a marketer who puts the patients first, That you can be caring for the patients who eventually end up getting better from your products and at the same time be commercially successful is embodied by her. It was a pleasure working with her and I will be looking forward to doing so again.”

Andy Crotty, Director of Operations at OTD Ltd

“I have had the pleasure of working with Kathy in a number of different settings and projects and there has been an unmistakable thread through all of them which is that she has the ability to inspire others around her with her talent, enthusiasm, honesty, huge integrity and that quite simply she cares. Kathy has amazing energy levels and her uncomplicated style of communication makes working alongside her an easy, enjoyable and very productive experience.”

 Jaime McCoy, Healthcare Sales and Marketing Professional

“I was fortunate to work alongside Kathy in building Takeda’s Oncology capabilities. She is a talented strategic marketer who is focused on patients and quick to identify customer and market insights that bring value to a brand. Kathy is a fearless leader, inspiring great performances from her peers and reports with her unwavering enthusiasm, drive to achieve and clear enjoyment of the work that she does. She is highly credible with an ability to quickly engage external stakeholders. I have no hesitation in recommending Kathy and hope to work with her again in the future.”

Matthew Baker, Partner & Managing Director at OPENLEC

“Kathy is an exceptional leader and marketer. Here are just some of Kathy’s qualities: putting the patient first and foremost and having an unshakable focus on doing the right thing; exceptional ability to pull a team together and get everyone happily pulling in the same direction; unparalleled energy, enthusiasm and passion; truly exceptional ability to get things done and deliver every time; a moral compass that is pointing in the right direction; amazing person who gets the best out of people – everyone always wants to go the extra mile for Kathy; outstanding people skills and the ability to engage everyone that she comes into contact with; strategically strong with sound planning skills; one of the nicest people that you will ever meet. I strongly recommend Kathy and rate her as one of the very best in our industry.”

Nigel Glover, Senior Manager, Global Congress & Events at Takeda Pharmaceuticals Europe

“I have worked alongside Kathy Green for 5 years at Takeda Pharmaceuticals Europe in her capacity as European Marketing Manager for Oncology and I have never worked with anyone in healthcare who is as motivated and committed to improving the lives of patients. Kathy understands the complexities of rare cancers and, together with her amazing marketing and sales skills, is able to harness the organisation and to bring the very best out of her supporting franchise and cross-functional teams to identify the best possible marketing solutions for the product and the best possible treatment pathways for patients suffering from specialist cancers.”


Paulo Silva de Pombal, Oncology Account Manager for Portugal at Takeda

“Kathy is the “iron man” – not only on sports (where she won this special hard difficult prize) but also on work. She decides not only with data and charts analysis but also with her genuine heart, which gives her freedom to her conscience and big courage and stimulus to great personal and professional decisions. It was a great experience in my life working with Kathy during the last three years. Thank you very much Kathy.”


Medison Letter May 2013


Oyeyinka Koleoso, Senior Manager, Marketing Science and Forecasting at Takeda Pharmaceuticals Europe

“I had the pleasure of working with Kathy at Takeda Pharmaceuticals Europe on launched and pre-launch oncology products. Kathy is a highly driven individual with the ability to pull together the cross functional team to deliver its best in order to ensure brand success. Kathy is a strong team player, very open and engaging; as the marketing lead, she ensured that all activities ultimately focused on the success of the brand without forgetting about the patients that will benefit from the products.”

Peter Canton, Owner at CT Partnership

“I thoroughly enjoyed working with Kathy on several projects last year. Kathy approaches any task with a huge amount of energy, clarity & positivity. She has the rare combination of being highly driven and being very people focussed. This results in work being completed – on time, to a high standard and in a fun environment.”